Board of Directors

Harry J.F. Bloomfield Q.C.Chairman

Mr. Bloomfield is a lawyer, business manager and philanthropist. He has served on numerous boards, public and private, including six years as a Member of the  Commission des Valeurs Mobilieres du Québec (now  The Autorité des Marchés Financiers - the AMF of Québec) and twelve years as a Board Member of the Business Development Bank of Canada - the BDC. Also a Board Member of Heller Financial Canada; Banco Comercial Português, the Canadian subsidiary of Sottomayor Bank of Portugal; British Controlled Oilfields; Genoil Inc.; and Balkan Resources Inc. In addition he was previously Chairman of BJB Global Investment Management as the Canadian partner of Bank Julius Baer of Switzerland. Mr. Bloomfield was from 1999 to 2003 the Canadian President of the International Law Association. Since December 2008 he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Wi2Wi Inc., a leader in developing multiple-radio and integrated wireless solutions. Mr. Bloomfield is a Director of the Canadian Friends of the Jerusalem Foundation, a Member of the International Board of Governors of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and a Director of Beads of Courage, Canada. Also the President of the Humane Society of Canada. Mr. Bloomfield is a Managing partner of the law firm of Bloomfield & Avocats in Montreal.

Christopher J. Moreau

Christopher Moreau was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Miraculins Inc. in February 2007. Previous to his appointment as President & CEO, Mr. Moreau served as Miraculins' Vice-President of Business Development since joining the Company in March 2006.

Mr. Moreau brings over 25 years of experience in the areas of business development, sales, marketing and operations management. He has held several senior executive roles in sales and marketing within the telecommunications and manufacturing sectors.

Prior to joining Miraculins, Mr. Moreau was the President of Advansis Capital Corporation, a privately held Canadian financial services provider.

Michael Stasiuk

Michael Stasiuk recently retired from the Winnipeg office of KPMG LLP, where he had practiced for more than 30 years. He was an audit partner for 22 years and was lead engagement partner for a number of public life science companies. He has also acted in an advisory capacity for public and private companies with regard to debt and equity restructurings, security offerings, and due diligence assignments related to acquisitions.

Mr. Stasiuk is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree from the University of Manitoba.

Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon is an international investor with interests in several industries. After leaving Oxford, where he studied PPE, (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) he worked in Asia and the United States for two fund management companies, GT and Thornton, before establishing his own business in 1991. His business operations include two components, a listed fund management company called Charlemagne Capital, and an Asian mining group, Regent Pacific.

In addition, Mr. Mellon is Co-Chairman of West African Minerals Corporation and Regent Pacific Group. He is on the board of a number of public quoted companies, including Brazilian Gold Corporation, Charlemagne Capital Limited, Manx Financial Group, Plethora Solutions, Polo Resources, Port Erin Biophara Investments Limited, and the Speymill plc. He is the life tenant of a trust which owns the Burnbrae Group, which has substantial assets in the biotechnology, financial services, property, mining and leisure sectors. Mr. Mellon spends most of his time working on startup ideas and investing. His book, “Wake Up!” was published in 2005; his second book "10 Investments for the Ten Years Ahead" was published in 2008. In 2012, he co-wrote "Cracking the Code" which focuses on the biotechnology sector and how to profit from it. Mr. Mellon lives in the Isle of Man, Brussels and Ibiza and is an honorary fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.

William (Bill) Roberts

Mr. Roberts is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), a graduate of the Rotman School of Management Directors Education Progran (University of Toronto), and a graduate of the UCLA Anderson School NASDAQ Directors program. Formerly President and CEO of ZoomerMedia Limited, Television Division. ZoomerMedia Limited is a publicly traded multi-media company; and previously Founding President & CEO of S-VOX Television for ten years before its broadcasting assets were acquired by ZoomerMedia Limited for $37 million including conventional stations CHNU-TV and CIIT-TV, along with specialty channels VisionTV and One: Body, Mind, Spirit and Love. Mr. Roberts currently serves on several Boards, including Frontier College and the Broadcast Accessibility Fund. He is on the President's Council of the University of Winnipeg as well as the Advisory Council of Ryerson University's RTA Media School. Roberts is an internationally recognized advocate for public service media, including broadcasting, and has extensive intercultural and international experience in broadcast communications, constitutional affairs and policy-making. An advisor and contributor to government, business, academia and media organizations, he is highly skilled in finance, marketing and business administration, and has led many cultural organizations to improved productivity and profitability. Additionally, he teaches broadcast communications and policy at the University level, and is a globally active Canadian in matters relating to good governance and capacity building.

David Eichler

David A. Eichler is a Managing Member of Psilos Group. Mr. Eichler joined Psilos in 1999 and focuses primarily on investments in the medical technology and healthcare services sectors. He has worked directly with many Psilos investee companies as an advisor on finance, strategy and corporate development, including formerly as Acting Chief Financial Officer of Caregiver Services, Inc. He also has extensive experience as an advisor to senior management and boards on M&A, financial restructuring and capital raising transactions. Mr. Eichler represented Psilos on the board of Acuity Pharmaceuticals (exited via merger with Opko Health) and Mauna Kea Technologies [NYSE Euronext: MKEA]. Currently, Mr. Eichler serves on the board of Veralight and also as Chairman of the Board of Caregiver Services, Inc. and Gamma Medica, Inc.