The Miraculins advantage

Miraculins focuses on in-licensing/acquiring and developing both cancer and non-cancer diagnostic opportunities that have completed early stage research and address unmet clinical needs.

Miraculins’ internal research program has lead to the discovery and identification of prostate cancer biomarkers, the lead marker of which is called Prostate Secretory Protein or PSP94. Miraculins also acquired several biomarkers in the areas of Gastric, Colorectal, and Pancreatic Cancer and are in the process of moving those programs further through the pipeline.

With the experience gained from developing its first assay, and the addition of a strong scientific team, Miraculins has developed a process and criteria for evaluating technologies as potential licensing targets.

Once Miraculins has determined that a specific technology meets its criteria the Company adds value to the early stage research by developing a clinical grade assay, confirming the diagnostic potential of the technology and moving the test through to regulatory approval and commercial sales. 

Miraculins therefore bridges the gap between early stage research, completed at the university/institution level, and clinical grade commercial assays.

Under its new business model, Miraculins has acquired a panel of Preeclampsia biomarkers from Mount Sinai Hospital and partnered the program with Inverness Medical Innovations (NYSE:IMA), one of the world’s largest diagnostic companies.